Workshops for health & wellness!

Free workshops for anyone who wants to participate provided by our partners. Reserve a space below or just walk-in; stay for the show, or come to the workshops and go. Either way we hope you will join us for a weekend of learning, self-care and celebrating life!

Workshop Schedule

Saturday, February 1

3:00 – 4:00 –   “Understanding Your Teen” by Renzo Torrenga, LMHC, Recreations/Memorial  HealthCare System

Adolescents are going through a lot during this time of their development, psychologically and physically.  This presentation will consist of the lessons learned and observations of a Licensed Mental Health Counselor that has worked with families all over Broward county for the past nine years. Caregivers are encouraged to attend in order to get a new perspective of what an adolescent during this time is going through in order to understand your teen better and thus improve family relationships.  Providers can benefit from some interventions and reframes that can be applied in sessions.

4:00 – 5:00 – “Meditation & Mindfulness”   by Melissa Watt  /YMCA

5:00 – 6:00 – “Healthy Habits for a Healthy Mind” by Dr. Tamy Faierman/Holistic Spa & Wellness Center

Creating habits and routines for ourselves supports our path to mental and emotional balance. This workshop will give you simple and practical tools such as eating habits and food choices as well as morning and evening routines that will help release digestive as well as environmental stress that play a factor in mental health.

6:00 –  6:45 –  Q & A  on Bi-Polar Illness by Dan Houlf/Memorial HealthCare System

Sunday, February 2

11:00– 12:00 – “Suicide Prevention Workshop” by the Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention & The Dylan Schopp Sunshine Foundation 

The Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention, FISP, will share what we do and how it helps our community to prevent suicide. We Provide Support for those who have lost a loved one by suicide, The HOPE Sunshine Clubs in Middle and High Schools, Educational Trainings and Presentations, and Advocate for Mental Health.

12:00 -1:00 –”Managing Anxiety -Your Breath is Your Best Friend-” by Dr. Tamy Faierman/Holistic Spa & Wellness Center

Our breath is literally at the core of every minute of our lives , and therefore always available to us as a tool for wellness.
Bhramari or Humming Bee Breath is a fun breathing technique from the yogic lore that anyone can do and that has been found to relieve stress and cerebral tension, as well as help alleviate anger, anxiety and even insomnia. The vibration of the humming sound creates a soothing effect on the mind and the nervous system.

All workshops will be held in the Sunrise Civic Center ART GALLERY, just steps across from theatre. 10610 W. Oakland Park Blvd. Sunrise. WALK-INS Welcome!