Original Musicals


To rent a musical or obtain the rights to produce it yourself or with us, please contact Robin Braun at insidebraun@aol.com or at 954-801-8619954-801-8619. Each musical runs approximately one hour and comes with an instrumental c.d., demo vocal and an outline for a post discussion. The musicals are easy to produce, require minimal costuming and sets, and are perfect for children’s’ theatre groups, educators, youth leaders, summer camps and after school drama programs.
Nowhere to Hide – Our newest musical that deals with bullying, the cyber age and the responsibility we all have to “learn to walk in someone else’s shoes”Hear a Clip from this show:

Nowhere to Hide3


Hear a Clip from this show:

We Have a Lot to Learn


Mighty Mouth – The importance of words and the power we all have to make a difference is at the heart of this play that tells the story of what happens when a 12-year old student decides that the leftover food in the cafeteria is being wasted. Inspired by a real life story, the play examines our insatiable desire for gossip and stimulates ways in which to use our tongues for things nobler and mightier.
The Case of the Spider Ruby — inspired by the epidemic of corporate scandals, this play emphasizes the importance of honesty in the face of temptation and greed. In an ordinary town, the sudden appearance of the legendary “spider ruby” incites everyone’s curiosity and desire. When the ruby disappears, all of the characters are suspects and it is only through the rare quality of integrity that the case is solved. The Wise Woman of Velena – – is based on an old folktale that is claimed by many cultures.  While advertisers prey on young females with the message that their self-worth is determined by the way they look, this musical emphasizes the idea that one should judge another person by their character and not by their appearance.
Today’s Hero –examines the issue of peer pressure through the prism of a reality game show. 8 girls vie for the title of “Today’s Hero. The pressure to fit in and be accepted comes up against more desirable values and in the end; the play shows us what a true hero is.Hear a Clip from this show:

Standing Alone


The Legacy – explores the meaning of success and the different ways it is measured.  When a group of relatives find they are the heirs to a little known and distant aunt, ideas of who is deserving of her “legacy” develop into a competition between the ambitious bunch, only to find that the one who has inherited her trait of kindness and compassion is the most worthy recipient.Hear a Clip from this show:
My Only Crime
Road Map to the Sun – deals with common issues that many adolescents and teens struggle with: school and peer pressures, drug abuse, sexual identity and depression, and offers life strategies and coping skills to deal with them. Songs such as “Who Am I?’, “Take a Step” and “Open the Door” help to highlight the more generalized difficulty that teens often experience as they travel from childhood to adulthood.  At the end of the play all the characters have learned the value of communication and the role it can play in helping to resolve these issues.
Heart of the Forest – explores the theme of learning to overcome hate and prejudice by dispelling the myths and stereotypes we have about others. The setting takes place in the forest where the generations-old feud between the “Groundlings” and the “Underdwellers” threatens the existence of all living creatures.  A blossoming friendship between 2 members of the group stands against the tide of prejudice and hate, but will that be enough to save the forest from total devastation?SONGS: “Deep in the Heart”, “I Never Knew”, “Them”, “One Heart”

Hear a Clip from this show: 

One Heart

Paradise – When two writers agree to write the biography of the “Boss”, they are quickly distracted and neglect their work.  In order to finish they are tempted to do the one thing the “Boss” has asked them not to do and they end up getting fired.  Thrown out of “paradise” they learn what it means not to blame others for their mistakes and learn to take responsibility for their own actions.